About Wild Heart Dog Training on the Gold Coast

Hi, I’m Carri,

I am grateful I am able to help families improve the relationship with their dogs.

Together, we tackle training and behaviour challenges.

I love nothing better than seeing obstacles overcome and relationships improved.

Let me tell you about how it started…

I’ve been crazy about dogs since I was little – growing up with Brodie, a Border Collie, and the unconditional love which she gave.

I appreciated her loyalty, admired her intelligence and enjoyed her spontaneous ability to have fun!

This relationship fuelled my desire to have a career working with dogs.

Wild Heart Dog Training and Behaviour Support Gold Coast

From a young age, I’ve always wanted to work with dogs

At the age of 14 I took my first job in the world of dog grooming.

My first shift ended with a tetanus shot, following a bite from a miniature poodle who clearly enjoyed his bath even less than I did.

The pain was temporary, the wound soon healed, but it was the start of a lasting motivation to understand more about dogs and their behaviour. I knew that I needed to help dogs like this.

Gold Coast local dog training and behaviour

I took it upon myself to make each experience for every dog a positive one

Because Dogs are family too Wild Hearts Dog Behaviour

My passion has taken me to many exciting places; from working as a canine au pair across Europe to training assistance dogs in Australia.

I also gained experience in many new and exciting areas, such as dog sports, herding, tracking and hydrotherapy, which helped me to develop a range of skills and approaches to really understand how unique every situation can be.

After graduating with a BSC (Hons), in Canine Behaviour and Training, and following the arrival of my own young family – ‘Wild Heart Dogs’ was born; helping families, just like yours, to tackle the challenges with your own dog and improving the connection and relationship you already have.

I offer honest advice and I am clear in the direction you will need to take. By taking a holistic, integrative approach, we will achieve real results – developed over time.

There are no quick fixes, but I am here to support you on your journey together.

Established back in 2015 our methods improve the relationship and connection between you and your dog by “Taking a holistic integrative approach”